World’s first FPS game to cover WWII episodes from 1939 - 1940 period.

Land of War is absolutely the first video game to concentrate on the 1939 period of WWII. This early-stage war was completely omitted until now. Creators from an independent development studio MS GAMES decided to fill this gap with their debut production. This game can be seen as a prologue of other, WWII related games recently released.

  • Gameplay is placed in time before events depicted by other WWII productions
  • Year 1939 have never been covered by other developers
  • Land of War shows the very start of WWII form a perspective of an ordinary soldier





An old school WWI first-person shooter drawing inspiration from classics like “Medal of Honor” or early “Call of Duty”.

The creators of LoW are fanatics of classical WWII shooters. As a result, their product reflects the principles underlying some of the earliest games in the genre: clean and simple gameplay with intuitive steering and plenty of enemies to kill. Game chapters are based on the epic, historical battles, and authentic gear and equipment. It provides fast-paced action, a constant exchange of fire, and intensity of fight based on yet uncharted period of WWII.

  • Gameplay inspired by true genre classics
  • Dynamic plot with unexpected twists
  • Development’s focus on main playability factors for FPS games
  • LoW brings the look and feel of a good, old school shooter

Planned Release Date: 27th May 2021

Little known weapons and gear, never shown in WWII video games

Along with the unusual war period, Land of War explores weapons never or rarely used in games before. Some of those weapons were prototypes only at the start of the war. Others were only used in the first chapter of WWI and were not used later as the conflict spread across the world. Use this gear, learn about its unique abilities and stories behind it.

  • Dozens of weapons never seen in games before.
  • Realistic models with all functions of the original implemented.
  • Prototype weapons that were only featured in small quantities in elite units

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Land of War - The Beginning

Assume duties of a young soldier involved in numerous battles and skirmishes with fast advancing German war machine. Become a scout, an infantryman and a leader. Go to battle on foot, driving armored vehicles or flying an airplane. Use any of 20+ types of weapons.

TITLE: Land of War – The Beginning
GAME GENRES: Action, Adventure

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